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Hello John,

I now did three races since I use your green spring set at the front of my racing MINI and I am very satisfied. I once ended third, second and fourth in the Belgian Slalom races. My car is really handling much better since I installed your spring set. Slalom is a short race (between 1 or 2 kilometers) where good handling and acceleration is very important. My car is a 1330 cc Clubman 675 kgs 115 BHP. I do the tuning by myself together with my father. I am already doing Slalom races since 1976 and I am 48 years old, but still feeling young. I am sure that other Slalom drivers will be interested in your spring sets and I will be pleased to give them all the information they need to contact you.

Very best regards.
Marc Lebegge Belgium

15 september 2000 4:31

Hello John,

As I promissed I let you know my results in the last National Belgian Slalom Race of the season 2000. This was my fourth race with your green spring set and I won the race before the guy who is the Belgian Champion 1998/1999/2000. So, I am really happy with your spring set. Hereby the official results of the Slalom Race.

Very best regards.

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July 24, 2000

I got the sway bar today. Got the front end of my car halfway apart when I realized that the bushings had a cut in them so I did not need to take the car apart. Oh well! Once I got the car back together and adjusted the sway bar I took it for a test run. It makes a dramatic difference in the handling. I love it. The car handles the best it ever has. I only wish you still sold the rear anit sway bar. The car under steers now. It seems that a rear bar would bring it back to around neutral. I am also interested in your stainless steel mufflers. What sizes are they? Who are they made by? How much do they cost?

Thanks, Josh Sadler

Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate the huge
improvement your springs made to my 1969 Mini 1000. I had the stock setup and with your springs the ride and handling improved dramatically. There are few improvements that are as cost effective as your springs.

Gratefully yours,
 I have 13 in wheels in my 63 cooper, replacing the rubber cones is long over due. I'm glad I put in the coil spring I bought at the car show.

The ride quality is excellent, it is easy to install. What a wonderful improvement over the rubber cone, and I believe I will save money on the long run because I don't have to replace the rubber cone any more.

Tom Yu
John, here's a shot of me & My Mini at the top of Pikes Peak! My brother and
I drove from San Jose to Colorado Springs for the Mini Meet, with a side trip
up the mountain. I have your "red" springs and high-los installed and I just
have to say that they're great! I driven lots of Minis and I think the coil
spring conversion is the best thing for a Mini that actually gets driven!

Jack Holdaway
I just installed your red springs in my panel van. What an improvement in
the ride. What shocks do you recommend?

@LA, California
Date: 2/12/00 8:00:45 AM Pacific Standard Time

From: Christopher Bissell
Dear John... Just had the "Blue Springs" installed yesterday..... Pretty smooth stuff on our "London Roads"..with plenty of speed bumps to go over ...... I was told by Anthony at The London Mini Service Centre that my 1380 Convertible could possibly be the "first" in the U.K. to have springs with the gas shocks ? The springs were a surprise find after walking into "Mini Spares" ... (cause I had no idea they were available).....
That's about it ...any news on new products.... you can put me on your mailing list please....Thanks....CB

February 27, 2000
Hello, John!
The work is complete. The street (blue) springs are installed and they are a big improvement over the rubber cones! I've driven them at low speeds around town and up to 75 MPH on the Interstate. The car rides more smoothly, and certain "killer" bumps in the road around here are much easier to take. I recommend them! Regards, N. J. Boone

PS I also now know how to remove the cones from late model subframe towers without removing the upper suspension arm!
With red springs and sway bars.
March 14, 2000
Hi John, Your new web site are very cool, you have a lot more products too. I painted my car, attached is a picture of it. Thank you for your information on the brake today. I think 2- line system should be front and back rather than diagonally. Thanks.

Tom Yu
From Berkeley California with the Red Spring with HiLow Built in.

Installed with the Front sway bar & hi low built in with red spring .
Mr. Wing from Oakland : 1380cc
Blue Springs with combo HiLo, Front Sway Bar, GAZ Shocks, and Duck Bill Spoiler
Mr. Kirk from San Francisco : 1275
40th Mini with Blue Spring with combo HiLo
Chris D. from San Jose : 1380
Green Springs with combo HiLo, Front and Rear Sway bar, GAZ shocks, Adjustable Shock Mounts, SS Top Radiator Bracket, Billet Dogbone, and more.
I have been using the hilos and red springs you sold me since April 1st and I simply love the ride plus the handling is fantastic. I have had several
people drive my mini while I operate the computer setting up a TSD rally course. They all love the handling and will be getting some soon.

Jerry R Craft
Hey John

Oh you got the new website huh. The website is so easy to find the stuff and has a lot of picture.
Anyway, I got the blue spring, HiLo, rear bump stop and Stainless Steel Adjustable Camber Brackets put in my mini. I will be putting the front sway bar on later. I love the ride right now, I think when I put the front sway bar on, the handling will be that much better.

Thank you very much