Sracer Springs

Soft Road : SRP001B
Road/Rally : SRP001R
Race : SRP001G

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Big Improved ride quality and handling.
Available in 3 different Spec.
Highest quality steel.
SRP Springs are CNC cold wound, heat-treated, Shotpeened for stress relief and powder coated for corrosion protection.
Never need to replace spring again.
Race proven.
Fit any stock or adjustable strut.

Even after 40 years of production the Mini has changed very little. One of the areas that have seen little change is the suspension. With the exception of the smoother, but costly hydro era, the current Mini runs on the same basic design that it was introduced with in 1959. Today Sracer Products (SRP) has changed that trend for the better. SRP has developed a progressive coil spring replacement for the tired old rubber cone. With the Japanese love for the Mini came a demand for a smoother riding suspension. Add to this the benefit of no sag, even after many years you begin to see the real value of a coil spring conversion.

SRP currently offers three different spring rates in two different styles.
The first rate is the "blue" spring that mirrors the spring rates of the original rubber cones. This spring is for the person who puts comfort just a little above pure handling. The ride is smoother than any rubber suspension, and according to customers. absorbs road irregularities as good if not better than the hydro cars.
The second rate is the "red" spring which is for those that are interested in handling first, comfort a close second.
Finally there is the "green" set for those interested in pure handling. Even with their stiffer rates, the "red" and "green" are still more compliant than stock rubber due to the superior springing action offered by using only the best spring steel available. Our customer demand it. 

All rates are available in stock configuration for those retaining the stock struts, or those that already have adjustable struts, and available with built in anodized billet adjustable struts.

WARNING: Copycat springs are being sold by others that do not live up to Sracer quality. Make sure you demand REAL Sracer parts.